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Herbal prescribing involves understanding the client as a whole person rather than just the presenting symptoms. By understanding the underlying drivers of illness and supporting the body's innate capacity to heal, herbal medicines can bring the client back to healthfulness. It involves a deep knowledge of herbal actions, indications and safety which are the applied to create a unique prescription using a combination of herbs to support your individual wellbeing.


Holistic nutrition is based on the principle that optimum nutritional intake of macronutrients and micronutrients supports the body’s innate healing mechanisms and helps the body resist disease. It is also the understanding that each person has unique needs, and a naturopath will consider a client’s physical, mental, and social wellbeing to fully understand those needs. A naturopath may implement dietary changes and nutritional supplements to help bring your body back into balance. 

Menstrual cycle awareness invites every girl, woman and menstruator to engage with the power and uniqueness of the menstrual cycle. It allows the exploration of what it means to embrace menstruation as a deep and transformative spiritual practice. Menstrual cycle awareness correlates the weeks of the menstrual cycle with the phases of the moon and a corresponding inner season, bringing a different flavour, mood and energy to each week of the cycle.


Iridology is a non-invasive screening tool which allows the study of the colour, structure and landmarks that are recorded in the pupil, iris and sclera. Iridology can provide insight into the health potential of the individual through the assessment of colour and fibre structure variations in the iris. These unique markings can determine the constitutional strength of the body as well as current or underlying genetically inherited strengths or weaknesses of the tissues or organs and personality patterns. Your iris is as unique and individual as your fingerprint.

Flower essences are high vibrational remedies that can be used to gently support and restore mental, emotional and spiritual health. Flower essences are made by infusing the energetic healing properties of a flower into pure spring water using sunlight. Each flower remedy has a unique healing resonance and quality which can be used to gently assist in the processing of difficult or negative emotions. Taking the essence that matches the emotional state being experienced allows the energetic signature of the flower to recalibrate the auric fields of the body, restoring harmony and opening a pathway to healing

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